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Posted Apr 25 2012 6:47am

Query by God of the Hipsters:
Do you anticipate to be served a vegetarian meal when you are at a friend’s residence?

I’ve observed a lot of vegetarians count on to be served a vegetarian alternative (rather than just accept the meal but not eat the meat) but will not accommodate for omnivores if they come more than to their place… Is not that unfair and hypocritical? This clearly only applies to people who do this…
Don’t you care about the inconvenience of it? Naturally not. Becoming inconsiderate is not specifically putting you on moral massive ground which you appear to believe you are on.


Answer by Dr. Home says…
Why would a pal invite me more than for a meal, and decide on to serve one thing they know I never eat? I am a vegan, and my friends are a lot more than content to put together a vegan meal for totally everyone if I am visiting.

Buying and preparing dead animal flesh demands vegetarians to violate their own ethical ideas and contribute to industries they locate morally abominable.

Can the same be stated for an omnivore serving a meatless meal?

Believed not. The two are not remotely analogous.

Reply by Lisa
Yes if they knew you had been a vegetarian/vegan.
I would by no means eat state the veggies off a plate that a steak (for illustration) was on. Or cooked with.I would favor to go without having dinner that evening.

Answer by toshibou~
I would presume a thing vegetarian will be accessible, as most of my friends know I am a vegetarian and would not want me to just go without having eating. If it is that much of an inconvenience for them, I can eat just before I go to their house.
And also, I do accomodate for omnivores who come above, taking into consideration neither of my mom and dad are vegetarians there is usually meat obtainable if they want it. If I lived alone, hell no I would not put together meat myself. I’d probably just make spaghetti, which most individuals like irrespective of acquiring meat or not.

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