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Posted Oct 15 2011 2:50pm

Query by cnviera:
Do vegans use all vegan goods such as make-up and hair care?

I am using a vegan item for my total family members named Arbonne. They are a 100% vegan and their items are totally environmentally secure. I use their skin care, infant items, hair care, vitamins, shave cream, weight loss program and their spa items as nicely. I am a sales rep for the company now, and would like to industry and cater to the vegan neighborhood considering that it is close to my heart. Any feedback?
Just searching for a diverse viewpoint on what else might be out there.


Answer by *Ferdousi
i feel so not confident i aint 1 i just eat typical meals and halal meat but they really should use vegan prouducts because its kinda the same issue correct?~*Ferdousi

Answer by ~Jezebel~
They would not be vegan if they did not.

p.s. Spam is against the TOS.

Answer by aerofare
Feedback? Hmmm. My sister is vegan. She makes use of all vegan merchandise. They are rather costly, though, are not they? I think the principal thing you need to do is really get your name out there. Myspace is a excellent way to do this. Best of luck to you.

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