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Day 3 – My views on drugs and alcohol

Posted Feb 07 2011 12:00am

Well good mornin to ya! ;-) I hope your weeks have all started off smoothly. There’s nothing like a rocky Monday morning to put you in a right bad mood! Anyway….I’m totally loving this 30 day challenge idea. It’s so nice to learn a bit about the people who write the blogs :-)

Right, my views on drugs and alcohol…. Working in my profession, the word “drug” brings back memories of the pharmacology lectures I dreaded during my uni days. Of course, I’m sure that this title refers to drugs of  the recreational kind, of which I’m personally opposed to, however I’ll quickly mention those of medicinal properties as they are something I often marvel at. Drugs saved one of my best friends from cancer and kept another pain free before she passed away. Yep. I’m all for these kinda drugs. 

As for all the others – cocaine, ecstasy, herion, nicotine etc – even the thought of them makes me shudder. Of course, curious minds often lead people down this dark path but I’m all too aware of how curiousity killed the cat. I often see people who have been affected by drug addiction, what it has done to them mentally and physically. It makes me very sad because these people continue to struggle each day and through life. For some, all it takes is getting mixed up with the wrong crowd…….

All you have to do is look at some of the people around you to see a glimpse of “cold turkey”. I was mortified to see that a recent building project at work included a smokers shed!! :-0 Yes, I am in the minority amongst my colleagues in that I don’t smoke. I’ve seen them try to quit and promptly fail as addiction kicks in. I’ve seen them chew nicotine gum and sugar laden sweets as a substitute…..and then it fails….and they, once again, fill their spot in the smoke filled hut out back.

I am completely ok with people smoking if they want to. I don’t preach but I do offer subtle help if people “ever want to give up….” It’s hard not to want your friends to quit when you’ve assisted in surgery to cut tumours out of peoples mouths, remove half of an old man’s tongue and witness people being told that, effectively, their inoperable cancer was caused by smoking.

I didn’t mean to go on about cigarettes so much! Sorry for blabbering on…..sometimes when you sit down to write, you gotta just go with it!  Anyway…..alcohol. I know alcohol can be abused in the same way as any other substance but I personally enjoy the occasional G and T or a glass of wine with a meal. I’m not a big drinker but I definately think that alcohol is a nice addition to social situiations and meals with the family.

I absoltely hate drinking for the sake of it. I see it like food I guess, as something to enjoy the taste of rather than get drunk on. I like to try the occasional cocktail – I’m usually drawn to anything with amaretto in it as I love love love the marzipan taste :-)

The best drink I’ve ever had was the one connected to great memories……

   My best friend Laura and I drinking cosmos in NYC at the end of the “Sex and the City” tour. Sooooo much fun!

Manhattan girlies!

Some random shots from my New York photo album :-) You can tell I loved NYC….I mean this post has gone from drugs and alcohol to ice skating in Central Park!! :-)

I’ll be back later with some vegan treats :-)


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