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Daily Mail - Vegan Hunt Season Starts

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:06am
Vegan - Mail Online

Lizzie smiled at her one day, Holly was horrified to see that her top row of teeth were brown and full of cavities

The hunt is on. Despite tripping up over cavity ridden silver toothed, massively obese spotty gasping for breath rounded backed sick meat eating kids almost everywhere you go the hunt is now on for rare examples of sick vegan kids.

After many weeks of searching following a case of vegan rickets in the sun starved outer western isles of Scotland todays Daily Mail has managed to track down a family of goats cheese eating raw food vegans (???????!!!!!???) at the other end of the country in Devon with minor health problems.

Any doubt of neglect is quickly verified when the mother admits it wasn't until she noticed a mouthfull of brown teeth in her children that she decided veganism was to blame.

It seems the biggest blight on the vegan movement is that it attracts far too many nob heads

Yes veganism could save the world and help everyone to be healthier - marvellous as it is it won't brush your teeth and just like a meat based diet of McDonalds it won't provide a balance of nutrients unless you eat a balanced varied diet and you'll still need to visit the dentist regularly.
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