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Cravings, Cravings

Posted May 15 2009 12:31am
Sorry to post so late but I've been in the kitchen cooking since 5pm! This morning I was craving a bagel so badly! When I was done getting ready I toasted one in the microwave oven, spread one with cream cheeze and the other with pumpkin puree, agave, and cinnamon. I also had a kiwi and an applesauce with some more cinnamon. Simple, satisfying, and so delicious!

Once I was done with breakfast I went to leave but when I walked out the door, surprise! It was 50 degrees out!! I couldn't believe it. I was wearing just a button down shirt and jeans with no way to keep warm. My mom and I packed all of our sweaters and she doesn't even remember where my coat went. Since I had no way of keeping warm and my gramma took the only car down to Tuscon for the night, I was forced to stay home. It is kind of bittersweet because I got all ready in the morning and I want to spend time with my friends before I leave but I do like my rest. I ended up going back to bed and waking up to make this...
Hot Chocolate! I've been super cold lately and this warmed me right up. I don't really love the taste of homemade cocoa, but maybe I'm not making it right. It did warm me up though and I got to use my cute snowman mug =p
I was at a total loss at what to make for lunch. My kitchen ingredients are dwindling and it was grocery day. I just threw together a tofu scramble, 1/4 dry bulgar, and some chickpeas. It was so good, sometimes you just need a bunch of your favorite things mixed into one meal and your good to go. Before I went to the store I had a snack of 1/2 cup Puffins and 1/2 cup Shredded Spoonfuls. Yum!
I got back from the store around 5 but I didn't want to cook anything...I was kinda tired. Instead of cooking, I just heated up what was supposed to be my lunch (a stir-fry) and paired it with some RiceCrackers. I just got them from the store and I LOVE them! They are really tasty and fat and gluten free. I find I always crave crunchy foods but I hate potato chips, I'm so glad I found these.
One of the foods that I made tonight was the Skillet Cornbread (double corn variation) from V'Con. I used applesauce instead of oil and agave instead of sugar. It smelled amazing and I think it will go perfectly with breakfast tomorrow. You will just have to wait until then to see what I made for breakfast ;) I'm so happy though because I have more than half of the food I'm taking with me finished. I actually feel prepared this time and I'm actually looking forward to my meals on the road.

Yay! New ANTM and Project Runway tomorrow!!
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