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Cookie Sandwich Ice Cream Cake! (hoo-ahh!)

Posted Apr 24 2008 2:00pm

I feel like I've been spinning on a carnival ride for the last couple of weeks! It's been capital B-usy. Last week my mom arrived for a visit from Newfoundland, and it was also our eldest daughter's birthday. So, in addition to getting Nanny's room ready for a visit, mommy was also preparing for a birthday and at-home party. Prizes and loot bags and games and ice cream cake and cupcakes to bring to class and the list goes on!

Here's the ice cream cake I made for the bday party. I prepped it on Wednesday and kept in the deep freeze until the party. Since Thursday was devoted to making cupcakes for the class to share on Friday (and I made them much like these ones using my Triple Layer frosting and cake recipe), I decided not to bake again on Friday with needing to get the house ready for the party on Saturday. I eased my workload the teensiest bit by making an ice cream cake for the party.

Okay, you know me too well... there was an ulterior motive to making the ice cream cake. Heck, yeah, if mommy is prepping for a birthday party all week, she is certainly going to make her favorite kind of cake - hah! But when time came for the cake, the kiddos loved this, with two layers of different ice creams, chocolate sauce, and two flavors of sandwich cookies! Wanna' know how to make it? It's really simple. Truly, it is! Goes like this:

1) Get a springform pan (ie, the kind used for cheescakes). Line the bottom and sides with the sandwich cookies. You will have to cut a few in half to help them fit. I used the vanilla ones on the bottom and the chocolate along the sides.

2) Have two quarts of ice cream ready, your choice of brand and flavor. Soften one quart (in the fridge or on your countertop), and scoop it into the pan to cover the cookies on the bottom and just cover that layer around the sides. Spread to smooth out as much as possible. Drizzle with chocolate (or other sauce), then pop in the freezer to harden that 1st layer of ice cream again.

3) Once it's hardened, soften the 2nd quart of ice cream. Pull out your pan from the freezer and layer in the second flavor of ice cream. Again, smooth out somewhat, but it's fine if it's a bit uneven... mine was and I liked how it looked!

4) Garnish with extra crumbles of cookie sandwiches and sauce, or other toppings like sprinkles or nuts.

5) Cover well and place back in the freezer until ready to eat. Before eating, remove for 5-10 minutes, then remove the springform ring and place cake on a platter or plate to cut.

Aren't birthdays the BEST?! (nudge nudge, wink wink... hubby, you out there?... you can manage this one for my bday right? wait now, Mother's Day is coming up and oh yeah, I deserve it!)

wait a minute, we all deserve a lil' ice cream cake... go make your own and celebrate whatever you like! Now, go eat, drink & be vegan. :)
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