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COOKED VEGAN Quick lunch! Thai Food! :OR: What to do with the left over spaghetti and peanut butter

Posted Jan 27 2009 12:00am
Spring is coming...

The lawn furniture tells me so.

Ingredients RULE!~!!




I made bread again today.

I juiced all morning. Using my blender. My "new" juicer came today but the condition was not as represented and it was packed so horribly that there was a crack in the... oh, nevermind. I might blog about it later. I just feel like tearing my hair out. Good news is, It Was Cheep. It's not like I'm out 500 bucks. Dammit.

Speaking of hair, this is a RARE shot of me with my hair down. I weighed 156 this morning. That's 61 lbs so far.

Then for lunch I made a lime peanut sauce and poured it over cold noodles.
Lime juice

Peanut butter



You can tell it's oregano because of the clear label I made. Yup. There will be no confusing this one with the one like it that has basil in it. Nope.


No, I haven't been drinking. That shot glass was for measuring vinegar. I SWEAR!!!

Pour sauce over cold noodles and pretend you are in a fancy Thai restaurant. mmmmmm.

The Money Shot
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