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Comfort food + work + sun + friends

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am

Today is St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish, I don't work for an Irish company, so it's a regular day for me (and also for Matteo that works for an US company). Last year we went to town to see the parade because it was our first year in Dublin. It was hard to see because of the amount of people but it was OK. I don't think I would be so much into this kind of celebrations anywhere, I wasn't even in Brazil. But there are people that love it and there are people that hate it. And there are tons of people that just use the day to drink. Not my thing at all too. So, I'm at home, working and excited because I'll see one of my best friends tomorrow. She's coming with her boyfriend to spend 4 days and it will be amazing to have her around.

I'm still not cooking much because of the journalist free lance job I'm doing, but me and Matteo are having some good meals. Most of them involving comfort food. It's so good to have things that make you think about good memories, mainly when you are so far from home. Last week I did the vegan omelet with spinach. I remember that when I was young this was the only way my mother found to make me and my brother (and even herself) eat spinach. I wish she could see this! It was so good. And we are cooking many meals with the wh
ite rice + beans. And it's cool to see how they became a comfort food also to Matteo. It is his favourite Brazilian combo. I baked the first vegan chocolate birthday cake yesterday for an order and I have some cupcakes order for April already. Hope I will find the time to make everything.

I'm pretty excited about the spring too! Can't wait for the flowers, the picnics and the running in the park.

It's so good to have flowers in the house and to see the sun outside
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