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Coconut products in diet and cholesterol levels?

Posted by Michelle A.

Hi all,

I am new to this community, a vegetarian for 8 months and have been very actively researching more about the vegan lifestyle, and some raw food information.  While I know I do not have to choose to supplement my non-dairy choices with coconut products, I am curious as to any people out there who consume a lot of coconut based yogurts, milks, or raw energy bars with high saturated fat content, have your cholesterol levels reflected any negative information?

There is so much conflicting evidence on the internet regarding the coconut oils' saturated fat and its chains being of medium length, rather than long as in animal fats, that makes the difference and makes them not only ok, but possibly healthy to eat.  Before making a choice to include this in my diet, I'm looking for some information that you may have to share, how is your total cholesterol? Your LDL? HDL? The ratio of the two? If you happen to know your numbers before and after including coconut products this would be so helpful for me!


Also, if you'd like to share any big differences you felt in cutting out dairy and eggs... feel free to pass that along with any foods you have found to be good substitutes!  I plan to live a vegan lifestyle with an emphasis on raw foods.. I am not sure I could currently handle having such a different lifestyle.. but I am interested what the future will hold!


Thank you so much!!! =)

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As usual it's all about balance.

The difference between HDL and LDL is important too having too little HDL can be almost as bad as having too high levels of LDL.

Coconut fat is a good source of energy and as saturated fats go and if it's not too highly processed it can actually be beneficial.

What's really key is making sure you have the right balance of essential fats

More here about Essential Fats Omega 3 EPA DHA  and Omega 6 GLA

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