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Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Posted Feb 08 2010 12:00am

Although I have lived in Miami for over a third of my life, I somehow made it to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival for the first time yesterday. My boyfriend had also never been, so it was a fun and interesting event for both of us. Check out this cool street scene:

I made the stupid mistake of not eating breakfast before leaving the house, and was already pretty hungry when I got the festival. I was lucky enough that the first thing I spotted happened to be vegan and relatively healthy. These roasted cinnamon almonds were delicious and held me over for a while.

The festival was set up right along the water and the weather was breezy and cool. Perfect day to be outside.

The place was packed! This was only about an hour after the festival started:

I was surprised to see that the vegetarian food options were extremely limited. Luckily, I happened to know that there was a Fresh Market within walking distance from the festival. We walked over and picked up some baba ghannouj, fresh bread, olive bar goodies, and a beer to share.

Quite a fine brunch if you ask me.

I saw so much beautiful artwork and photography at the festival. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any photos of the art, but trust me when I say that it was all amazing. While almost everything was out of my price range, I still had a great time browsing and meeting some very talented artists. I did take home a few unique plants and garden accessories though.

By the time we left the festival, it was already almost 3 o’clock. We had easily spent 5 hours there without even noticing! I was also hungry again at this point, and looking forward to eating at my favorite Indian restaurant down the street. We got there only to find out that we had just missed the lunch special and that they were closed for the next couple of hours in preparation for dinner. What a bummer!

Instead, we decided to go to this little vegetarian spot that I have not been to in ages. We took the scenic route to get there.

I just love these old oak trees, aren’t they beautiful?

After sitting in traffic for what felt like forever, we finally arrived at our destination.

Unfortunately, the food was just okay.  On the plate was brown rice, beans, ground soy “meat”, and a sauteed cabbage dish.

I haven’t been to this place in over a year, but I definitely remember the food being much fresher and tastier. Oh well, at least it was healthy.

Despite my somewhat disappointing eats, I had a great Saturday!

How about you? Did you do anything interesting this weekend? Any fun Valentine’s Day plans in the works?

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