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Close Encounters of the Animal Kind

Posted Sep 26 2008 5:16pm
We closed on our house, yes, but have not yet moved in. *sigh* Among the more glamorous tasks, we've been refinishing wood floors, painting more walls than I ever care to remember, and attempting to match aged stains. "Is that hidden wallpaper that is now causing the freshly painted wall to bubble like that?" "Why are there a million dead ants on our freshly finished porch?" Ugh. I feel dead, truth be told, but I couldn't stand not posting for so long, so to remedy that, I'd like to share a tiny bit of what our new [near]-half acre lot has to offer...

My little garden pot has found a new place in the sun - just as I'd given up hope of ever eating any veggies from this year's planting besides radishes, green beans started popping out. The grand total came to about 4 or 5, and I waited anxiously until they would be perfectly ready for the pickin' until... morning I arrived at our house to find my bean plants gnawed and nibbled! No leaves! No beans! Just stubby, half-uprooted stalks. Who do you think the culprit was?

My guess is Bambi here, or his mom, who are both frequent visitors to our yard.

Another entirely plausible suspect could be little Thumper, but he seems too tiny to reach the ledge of the pot.

Surely, it wasn't Mr./Ms. Snake, whom I've tentatively identified to be an Eastern Milk Snake, unless anyone wants to correct me on that. He greeted me with a friendly hiss and rattle when I inadvertantly came about six inches from stepping on him in our basement/garage (those of you not living in hilly areas may not realize that you can indeed have a basement slash garage all on one level...). We're thinking we should be careful when opening boxes, since he slithered off in that direction after posing for this photo. At least we needn't worry about finding many mice...right?

Hope everyone is doing well! September should bring a gentler schedule for us around here and I hope to be back to regular blogging then. This year has been crazy... I also have a new blog in the works where I will be chronicling my adventures as a novice gardener, as well as some outdoor pursuits, and perhaps some human-powered transport. The future is bright, so hang tight!
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