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Chocolate Cake and Frosting Story

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:07am

Now, you knew my first food post back would be a goodie, didn't you? I will get to non-sweets again sometime. Really. :)

But I have good reason for this one. It was hubby's birthday on Saturday, so I tested out my newChocolate Cinnamon Cake and my Creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting for his big day!

The cake was wonderful with the warm tones of cinnamon with the chocolate. The frosting was oh-my, sinful rich and luscious... though it comes with a bit of a story........

When I made the batch of frosting it became a little too thick and firm after it had been refrigerated. It is made with a silken tofu base, so I pureed a little extra into it to thin it out. After the new batch had cooled again, it was just a touch too loose. At first I was concerned that it wouldn't hold at all on the cake. But, it stayed just as it looks in the photo, with the frosting just cascading down the sides of the cake! It looked quite pretty so I didn't try to fix it at all.

Sometimes with cooking and baking, when something doesn't work out the way you "thought" it should have, or had planned it to look - well - big deal! (This is especially true when testing recipes!) So, instead of fretting and fussing, think of it in a fresh new way if possible. Rather than try to scoop the frosting back up and try to make it even all around, I let it drizzle down much like a glaze. Now, for the retest of this recipe, I will firm up the frosting again just a touch, because I realize that most folks would prefer the frosting a little more set - if only for keeping it set at room temperature and/or transporting the cake. But let me tell you, we all 'oohed and ahhed' over the flavor combination and texture of this cake, and my sister even said "the frosting looks so pretty like that"! Cool!

Moral of the chocolate frosting story: Cooking and baking is kind of like our hair, ladies (well, maybe you men out there too - do you get bad hair days?).... Anyhow, yes it is!
You know those days when your hair just wants to do its own thing?? The more you mess with it to get it to 'cooperate', the worse it gets? But, if you go with the flow of that bad hair day, it can look pretty darn fine! Same with our food. Um.....

but don't get carried away with this hair/food analogy....
no hair primping in the kitchen, okay? We really don't need to mix the two.
Leave the hair-in-the-food stories for those nasty all-you-can-eat buffets, alright??
Not for your dynamite vegan creations! :)

Now. Am I forgetting something? Let's see..... what could it be.... what is it that some of you are just scrolling to the end of this post to find?..... hmmmm..... oh yes, a giveaway. Silly me!

Alrighty, 'you snooze you lose' with this one - I'll be drawing one winner from the first 15 comments. Same rules as last time. Ready, set, GO!
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