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Changing up my routine

Posted Oct 28 2013 8:33am

I am currently gym-less after I posted about how outrageous the fees were for the local gyms in this area, right now I just can’t justify that so I’ve been changing up my workouts over the last week, running of course is ever present!

Last Monday I started doing some blogilates workouts, I am following the beginners workout calender and the combinations suggested on there. The videos are around 5-10 mins long and there is around 3 recommended each day. It’s really fun to mix it up and do something different, and I have been really shocked at how challenging they are. On Monday I did the total body workout which mainly just introduced you slowly to some main moves and the breathing. After this I got in some weights with some old best body bootcamp workouts . I have Nick’s weights and a swiss ball so got in a pretty good workout. In the afternoon I went for a a short shake out run just over 3 miles.

Home gym Tuesday I did more blogilates, this time ab workous. ABC abs was the hardest thing ever!! I had to just stop and rest a few times it was so challenging. I went for a really nice 3 mile walk in the afternoon while I ran some errands, I’m making walking more of a thing on days I don’t run, really great to get some fresh air and stretch the legs.

IMG_0142 On Wednesday I set out to run the canal tow-path to Regents park, it was going smoothly until the tow-path just stopped near Angel and I had no bloody idea where to pick it up again. I looped around for 10 minutes and got very frustrated, before giving up and running the opposite direction along the canal path to Victoria park. I had a cracking run, and did 6.6 miles in 1.03. I did a quick blogilates total body and cardio warm up workout in the afternoon.

Running at the moment is pretty much just recovery miles, I wanted to take a few weeks of some easier running and have drastically dropped my weekly mileage from 35 to under 20, my body-especially my knees-needed a rest, but I didn’t want to lose all my base running fitness and stop completely. I will be starting base building for my first ultra in November, so right now I am just enjoying less mileage, feeling not so achy and having weekends largely free. I shall enjoy it while it lasts!

Thursday was a tough one as I was feeling pretty unwell and suffering from pretty bad cramps and nausea, I couldn’t actually move in the morning, but I knew I needed to get out there as it would make me feel better. My legs felt like lead but I managed 4 miles in 42 minutes and I did feel better for the rest of the day.

Friday I got another blogilates workout in, it was so tough and I was absolutely dripping. I think I was also starting to run a bit of a fever here hence me feeling so warm. I actually could barely move my legs for the next few days after this workout!

IMG_0353 Saturday I started to come down with Nick’s cold so I just got some more at home blogilates in. I did around 30 minutes of workouts and my core was burning after that. Nick was sick the previous weekend and I was sick this one just gone which was pretty rubbish as we’ve been stuck inside on our weekends together. I was supposed to go to the yoga show as well but I decided against it. Nick popped out to do some errands and brought me back some Bear winders to cheer me up.

IMG_0361 On Sunday I was still feeling rough but wanted to stretch my legs, so me and Nick went for a gentle run along the canal path, we did 2.2 miles in 22 minutes and it felt good to stretch the legs and get some fresh air. I did a best body bootcamp total body workout after this, and went to the farmers market to get some fruit/veg. By mid afternoon I was feeling really under the weather again and I was freezing cold so I just got into bed and relaxed for the rest of the day.

I hate being ill and it’s just put me in a little bit of a funk so I’m hoping to shake off this illness over the next few days although I’m not feeling a massive amount better today. I find it hard to listen to my body and rest when I am sick but I guess that is what I should be doing to get better quicker. I am going to focus on eating tonnes of fruit and veggies and hopefully all that good nutrition will help get me back on my feet!

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