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Celebrate Chocolate Cocoa Almonds Giveaway

Posted Jul 09 2010 12:25pm

Celebrate Chocolate has wonderful chocolate covered almonds that are healthy and delicious.

They satisfy your hunger, while they cut your cravings.
If you are quiet, and bite them slowly, you will hear, and feel, the crisp snap of a very thin layer of crystallized chocolate on the inside.

Almonds at the center, a light dusting of dark cocoa powder on the outside, and a lot of Celebrate Premium Chocolate in-between.

Celebrate chocolate cocoa covered almonds taste so exquisite you’ll forget they will help control your appetite – you’ll not consider they could benefit your heart, nor remember they are chocked full of anti-oxidants and omega-3/DHA.


Celebrate Premium Chocolate + Almonds

You’ll love this perfect marriage of America’s favorite nut – almonds, and the world’s all-time favorite treat – chocolate. They were meant for to be together. While others have tried to marry them, only Celebrate Premium Chocolate makes them with the perfect match of never-bitter, never-too-sweet premium chocolate richness, and barely-roasted-almond’s uniquely satisfying crunch, and distinctive flavor.

Satisfy Your Hunger

To satisfy your hunger, eat a few 20 minutes before a meal. Just make sure you put the bag away after you do.

Why? You’ll be tempted to eat the entire package in one sitting. Then again, even if you are tempted, after enjoying several more – if you savor them slowly – you will find your hunger subsiding, and thoughts of finishing the package will diminish. Celebrate Cocoa Almonds are that powerfully satisfying.

Stop Your Cravings

An hour later you will have to remind yourself you used to have cravings. Your cravings will be gone – a wonderful result from choosing the very best. After just one Celebrate Chocolate Covered Cocoa Almond, nothing else will satisfy in the same way.

(above statement from the website)

My thoughts: Wow, I loved these crunchy snacks. I have always loved almonds so they were great way to satisfy my almond AND choc love.

They were very crunchy too. I loved how they are filled with nutrition. I have a very fast metabolism so I was hungry again after about an hour of eating these. But I am very positive that almonds definitely can cure your hunger and let you stay satisfied longer. Pair these snacks with healthy carb, and you’ll definitely be satisfied until your next meal.


1. Please visit here then sign up to Celebrate Mailing List

2. 30% OFF Coupon is available for any purchase on Celebrate website. The coupon code is: 30NUTS

3. Link back to this post.

4. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

This giveaway ends on July 23rd, 2010.

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