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Cashew-Chocolate Crumb Chocolate Ice Cream Pie for 14th Anniversary

Posted Apr 21 2008 6:00pm
That's 14 yrs hubby and I have been married, not 14 yrs that I've been blogging. Goodness, if I reach a 14 yr blogging anniversary, someone intervene, please! Makes me wonder though where will we'll be online in years to come...

I'm digressing already and I've just started typing! Let's get to the food. So, as I said last week hubby and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Wow, that's a long time, and I have been blessed every day to be with him. xo honny.

The boy loves his chocolate. Yes he does. So, I made my Cashew-Chocolate Crumb Ice Cream Pie from Vive. I do love ice cream pies. You can make them a few days in advance... plus, they're easy to 'hide'! He had no idea I made it.

Normally I use chocolate ice cream in the centre, but I opted for vanilla this time round. Both are great, really just personal preference. I think I do prefer the chocolate ice cream myself... for a triple chocolate threat hit!

So, we start with the chocolate cookie base. Get yourself some chocolate cookies (ex: as Nature's Path Deep Chocolate Cookies or Newman's Own). Whiz up in your food processor until very fine/crumbly. Mix with the crust ingredients, which include cashew butter. Bake for a wee bit, then remove and cool.
Once cool, soften ice cream, and then scoop into the crust. Distribute as even as you can, but it doesn't have to be smooth. Now, pop this into the freezer to get the ice cream good and frozen again.
Make the chocolate-cashew topping, combining the choc chips, cashew butter, non-dairy milk, etc, and let cool a bit. Yum, this is so thick and rich!

Once that ice cream is frozen again, pour the topping over and tip back and forth to cover - again it doesn't have to perfectly cover - looks pretty a little uneven. Back to the freezer it goes until you're ready to serve.

Then, when you want to serve, get this pie out for 5 mins or so to soften enough to cut - 'cause it's a bugger to cut very frozen! (and believe me, I know. Usually too impatient to wait, I find myself trying to hack into it.)

Then, sit back and ahhhhhhh enjoy! You know what this pie reminds me of?... especially with the vanilla ice cream option...? those Dairy Queen ice cream cakes... with the choc layer, vanilla layer, and then those choc crumbs in the centre. I never realized it when I tested the pie for Vive, but after making it with the vanilla ice cream this week, it brought back memories of those DQ cakes....

with that,
I might just have to change my mind. Think I like the vanilla version best of all.
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