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Brooklyn Pad Thai

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm

Back in our meat-eating days, the bf and I would sneak over to Kelley & Ping in SoHo for a bite of pad thai…nowadays it’s Brooklyn-style in our tiny kitchen. VwaV didn’t lead us astray, although I must say, these portions were huge! I’d say the entire recipe could feed at least 6. Next time I’m halving it. And guess what? I pressed the tofu this time, so it really wasn’t mushy. It helps that you fry it for awhile in peanut oil (smells really yummy), giving it some extra chewiness. I also cut it into cute triangles per Isa's recommendation. I omitted the chiles and reduced the Asian hot chile sauce to 1 Tbsp (for those of us who are wussy low-heat-tolerance-type people) and the spice level was perfect for me. BF said that the sauce had a smidge too much sugar (I used raw cane), but I didn’t notice.

tofu triangles are fun

Fun Pad Thai Sidenote:I got my lemongrass free from Whole Foods. My cashier got frustrated trying to ring it up since it only weighed .01 pounds and wasn’t registering on the scale, so she gave up and threw it (literally) in my bag. Oh how I miss those days of grocery store cashiering…oh wait, no I don’t.

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