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Blog post therapy for one nervous girl

Posted Nov 22 2011 8:35am

Ufff, I spent the whole weekend at school (35 hours of classes in 3 days!) and Monday and Tuesday were filled with work (12 hours a day), so I am in a desperate need for a real weekend. However, that will happen no sooner than on the 24th December. I am currently doing three various psychotherapy courses, school, work, sometimes my head gets dizzy from all that stuff…but I still enjoy it. It isnice to feel busy, creative, needful, educated… Nonetheless, it is also nice to get some sleep :D Usually when I am busy, I get also sleepless. So I am filling my nights with books (and strawberry-cocoa oatmeals) instead of sleep.

Lately I have read 2 amazing works – Let life rain on me by Nuria Amat and Counterpoint by Anna Enquist. Both deal with women in their late 30/40, who are trying to figure out their lives, their memories, their death relatives/kids/husbands…. Both books are deeply moving, sad books, but you can´t help but enjoy them and read them in one sitting. Amat is a Catalanian author and probably the first Catalanian author I have ever read. She writes in an original manner, short sentences filled with many allegories. Both she and Enquist make you feel thrilled and guessing, wanting to read more, but wanting to close the book and stop getting too deep into the depression at the same time.

Both books have a lot of autobiographical features, but still work with authors´ fantasies, fictions. When you finish the book, you feel like you know everything about the author. Then you look into their biography and learn that the things are actually quite different. For me it was a great way of spending a couple of cold rainy nights. If you are into psychological fiction, full of emotions, implications, secrets, you might enjoy them as well.

On another note, I am preparing for a conference which I am attending next Tuesday, so I am pretty nervous. When I am nervous, I tend to procrastinate, which is probably one of the reasons why I am writing this post. Another reason is that I want to say “Hello” and wish you all a lovely new week!

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