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BF Blueberry Muffins

Posted May 27 2010 5:01pm
"Best-friend" blueberry muffins, you're thinking?  That would be cute, but no, in my kitchen BF stands for "blueberry-free".  Huh?  Confusing, I know, but that's what you get when you have one kid that loves blueberries, and another that really does not like them - one bit.

The story began with our older girl returning home from school one day with a muffin from a bake sale.  "Mommy, can I have it?  It smells soooo good".  You know that smell of commercially packaged blueberry muffins?  Some sort of blueberry flavor is added that is very fragrant, but likely artificial.  Smells much like a scratch-n-sniff sticker - or, like this blueberry muffin , ha!  This bake sale muffin had that very fragrant aroma.  It most certainly contained dairy and eggs, and was also made with white flour (making it very cake-like, and therefore appealing to a youngster).  I said to her "hun, how about I make you a batch of blueberry muffins very soon?"  Her reply "but, will they be like this?"  I know what that meant - like a cupcake!

I began my blueberry muffin mission, to replicate a white flour, dairy and egg filled blueberry-sticker scented muffin.  Egad!  I chose oat flour to replace the white wheat flour, because it has a natural sweetness and also a creamier color for the final batter.  These muffins did not disappoint - they were scrumptious!  Wait, middle girl excluded on that of course.  She wanted no part of those muffins.  So, when retesting them, I poured out two "BF" muffins (in foreground of muffin pan!) before folding the blueberries into the remaining batter.

Everyone was happy, and the muffins are now finished - check (another done for the next book)!  (But really, how does one not like this blueberry-drippy goodness?... sigh!)

And, on the topic of muffins, I'll be sharing the Strawberry Goji Muffin recipe very soon!

Every year, more than one million dairy cows are slaughtered early because of health problems that arise from pregnancy or milking. (Source:  Meat Market , Erik Marcus)
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