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Best Body Bootcamp Week 6

Posted Feb 17 2013 12:22pm

The end of Best Body Bootcamp is fast approaching, with just two weeks left, the workouts are getting pretty intense!

Monday I headed to the gym for strength workout A. This was the same format-pyramid sets- as the previous week, but it included an extra set of 20 reps with light weight after the final heavy set. This took 32 minutes and it really pushed me, 130 step ups was about enough to finish me off. I am not a step up fan. I followed this up with 20 mins on the exercise bike for 5.5 miles. My legs were so heavy and dead after the weights they really weren’t feeling the bike!


Tuesday I took as a rest day, I’ve commented over the last few weeks about how my energy levels have been really low, and I’ve just felt so drained all the time. I felt really bad on Tuesday so I went with my goal of listening to my body and took a rest day although I did walk 2 miles to work and back. I’ve done really good on my goals of listening to my body and eating clean this week although I did manage to fit in a few pancakes! I had some for breakfast on pancake day, and some for dinner the day after! I need to start making them more often.


On Wednesday I did the high intensity circuit, which was exactly the same as the previous week in terms of the moves but I did each move for 60 seconds and rested for 15 in between. This was really tough, so many squats! I really like the format of this workout though, it really mixes things up. It took around 40 minutes and I had a quick 15 minute cycle for 3.4 miles as I ran out of time to do any longer. I’ve been eating loads of coconut butter and my new favourite snack is melted coconut butter with some chopped banana and hemp seeds, so good! I had to replenish my coconut butter supplies through iHerb this week.


On Thursday I made a delicious green smoothie for breakfast and then headed to the gym to get in my final strength circuit of the week, workout C. I travelled home to the UK on Thursday night so was gym-less for a few days so I got all the strength workouts in while I could- making the program work for me! Again strength C was the same as last week, but it included a final lighter set of 20 reps after the heavier pyramid set. This took 27 minutes and I really enjoyed this one again, probably because it was all upper body and I didn’t have to do anything with my poor aching legs! The weather was so fantastic that I headed outside for my cardio. I did a quick 2.17 mile run in 20 minutes, pretty pleased with the pace, absolutely loved running outdoors with blue skies again!

On Friday I was back in the UK so decided to do one of my interval workouts. I headed out as it was another gorgeous day. I did 5 mins slow jog, 1 min sprint/1 min recovery x 5, 5 mins tempo, 2 mins recovery, 8 mins tempo, 20 minutes cool down. I did 5.12 miles in just under 51 minutes, which I was pleased with as it had 25 minutes of really slow jogging included. I tagged on the extra mile to the interval workout to hit my Marathon Talk Febulous challenge of 5 miles for my long run of the week- might not be much but I’m not training for anything, haven’t been running outdoors much, and  haven’t actually run that distance since November!! Guess I have been focusing a lot more on shorter interval runs and strength work. Can’t wait to start running long again though, I do miss a good long weekend run! I had some errands to run and ending up walking over 5 miles too, so I did about 11 miles, needless to say I was wrecked, and my legs and feet were telling me about it!

On Saturday I stuck to my goal of listening to my body and as I was still feeling really drained I took it easy and chose a long walk for my cardio of choice workout. I did 3.5 miles round my local park, it was such a beautiful day. I also did 4 of the core circuits as I forgot to do them yesterday, they may only be short but they hurt like hell!

I woke up early on Sunday to get my run in before heading out for some retail therapy. I quickly grabbed some dried figs and headed straight out the door, it was very very cold and but at least beautiful bright skies again, the last 4 days have made such a difference! I did the interval workout despite the fact that my shins were very painful when I woke up this morning-fail on the listening to my body goal! I have been running in my old running shoes as I left them in the UK and thought it was easier than carting my new ones home, but my feet and shins are really feeling it so I won’t be doing that again! I did just over 4 miles in 40 minutes, and finished up the week with another few rounds of the core circuits.

Just 2 weeks to go now, as much as I love following a training program as I find it more challenging and I push myself a lot harder, I also find I tend to burn out on them around the 6-8 week point. I haven’t taken any time out since the marathon in October do I am definitely feeling like I need to take a week or two to just rest, recuperate and come back more focused and both physically and mentally in the right place. I’ve snuck a peek at the next phase of workouts and the dreaded burpee is making an appearance, not looking forward to that.


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