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Best Body Bootcamp Week 2

Posted Jan 21 2013 5:36am

Another week down and it has been a good one, full of tough workouts and delicious eats! The workouts for BBB were the same as the first week but the tempo count was slightly different as I will explain later. I mixed up the order of the workouts a little from the previous week as I only strength trained last Sunday and didn’t want to do another session back to back.


On Monday I did cardio interval workout A on the stationary bike. I warmed up lightly for 5 mins and then alternated between 2 minutes of fast pedalling on resistance 4 and 3 minutes of recovery on resistance 3 for 30 minutes. I finished by gently cooling down for 5 minutes. I would have loved to have run outdoors today but the weather was so bad- as it has been all week- that an indoor workout was best! I refueled with that awesome shake above which was Gena’s blueberry carob green smoothie. Totally delicious, loved the combo of the carob and blueberries.


On Tuesday I did strength workout A, the moves and reps were the same as the first week but the tempo count was 2 counts to peak contraction, 1 count pause and 6 counts to return to start. It’s incredible how different a move can feel just be altering the tempo! I still found this workout pretty challenging, and I kept my weights the same as the first week between 5-7kg dumbbells, except for the lat shoulder raise which I go light on. I also warmed up and cooled down for 5 minutes on the elliptical and did two 5 minute intervals on the bike between circuits.

I got a huge iHerb order which as always arrived promptly and without hassle. Post gym I tried out my new purchases:


I have only tried the Vega vanilla almondilla mix so far, but it is without doubt the best smoothie mix I have ever tasted. It tastes like marzipan, it is amazing! I decided to put it to good use and whipped up a delicious Pumpkin Persimmon Smoothie. I will have the recipe up sometime next week. It was so good! DSCF0968

Wednesday saw me blast out a 4 mile interval run despite the Arctic conditions. I went with shorts and compression socks, but it was just so cold. I’ve taken to breathing through a neck scarf pulled over my mouth as it makes the cold air less harsh on the lungs. I had a good run and was glad I got it in as it was probably the only day this week reasonably suitable for an outdoor one. Once I got back I had my breakfast smoothie which was the Hempanana smoothie from Dreena Burton’s Let them eat Vegan. This was so delicious and creamy.


On Thursday I headed back indoors for the dreaded core circuits! I found it a little easier than the previous week and I was nowhere near as sore after the squats as I was the first week. The scorpions are still killing me, but my balance is definitely getting stronger. My sides (tranverse abs?!) felt really sore on Saturday which was definitely a result of this workout! I followed it up with a quick 2 mile interval run on the dreadmill. I warmed up for 5 minutes, did 30 seconds at 10.5, 30 seconds at 12.5 and 30 seconds at 9.5, repeated 7 times and cooled down for 5 minutes. I have to say I was absolutely spent after this workout, I just felt exhausted!

Friday was my well earned rest day. On Saturday I went to the gym which was pretty busy and did strength workout C which was the same as last week but changed the tempo count like workout A did. I found this really challenging still, and kept my weights between 4-6kg except for the reverse flys which I went very light on. I actually did the pushups on my feet this week as the 6 counts to push back up wasn’t as hard as the 6 counts to contraction from the first week. I did my longest plank of the program so far at 1.32, steadily improving!

I made a delcious chia protein pudding after the gym for lunch, it was Pumpkin and Tahini, super delicious and super filling, it kept me going most of the day! I’ll post a recipe later in the week.


On Sunday it was cardio of choice day so I did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown 1, it was a 35 minute video and it was pretty tough! I was feeling pretty drained so this was an ideal way to get a workout in.

I’ve hit my goals most days this week, I have made a fresh smoothie/juice every day and tried out loads of delicious new ones! I have also planked on 5 out of 7 days-not bad and some of those days saw me doing 3-4 a day, so pretty good overall. I can’t wait to try out the new workouts next week!

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