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Best Body Bootcamp Week 1 Recap

Posted Jan 13 2013 3:35pm

So I’ve completed the first week of Best Body Bootcamp and so far I’m loving it. There’s nothing quite like starting a new workout program, challenging your muscles in new ways and feeling the DOM’S!

Phase one of the program focuses on full body workouts, and when it says full body it really means it, I am aching all over! Ha! This week and next week consist of 3 strength workouts, 2 full body and one core. The full body workouts are performed as a circuit with 5 minutes of cardio inbetween circuits. The core workout was followed by an interval workout. There was also another two cardio interval only days, and a cardio of choice day, as well as a much needed rest day!

Monday: I’d come down with a pretty bad cold so was in two minds whether or not to go to the gym but I just thought I would go and see how I got on. I warmed up with 5 minutes on the stationary bike and then cracked straight on with Strength workout A. I really enjoyed this workout, there were lots of moves I hadn’t tried before, and also that I had but that were performed on the swiss ball which made them altogether more challenging!

The workout consisted of 3 sets of 10 reps of each move, focusing on controlled movements: 6 counts to peak contraction, 1 count pause and 2 counts to return to start. I’m not really used to counting like that, I usually just go for slow controlled reps. It was a challenge to get used to at first, but it certainly makes the moves feel a little different. I went on the stationary bike another 3 times for my 5 min cardio intervals. Altogether the workout came in at just over an hour and I was pretty beat, it was a tough one! I’m so glad to be getting back to planking too. I used to be able to hold a pretty long one, but I haven’t really done them in ages so it’s like starting over to build it back up.

Tuesday: Cardio Interval A: I was going to run but was still not feeling well so I stuck to the stationary bike and powered through these intervals. I did 5 mins gentle warm up on level 2, increased my pace and the level to level 4 for 2 mins, dropped back to level 3 for 2 mins and repeated 6 times. I finished up with 5 gentle minutes at level 2. I did 6.5 miles in 40 minutes so not bad. I also read a good bit of Les Mis (by which I mean less than 1 percent, it’s a beast of a book!)

Wednesday: I was still feeling rough from my cold and was in work early so I had already decided the night before to make this my week’s rest day. Although I did plank a day!

Thursday: I was back in the gym early on day 4. I set about doing the Core Circuit. This was performed as a circuit, with several moves back to back, the majority of which were 15 reps or 15 reps each side. I had looked by mistake at next weeks core circuit which is 4 sets and so I performed 4 circuits when I could have gotten away with 3. Glutton for punishment obviously. This circuit was so hard, the moves were seriously tough and really pushed me. The Scorpion is literally the most insane core move I’ve ever done, it was brutal! I followed the intervals with Interval workout B which I did on the treadmill. I did a 5 min warm up jog at 8.5, 30 secs at 10.5, 30 secs at 12.5 and 30 secs at 9.5 repeated 7 times, followed by a 5 min cool down at 8.7. I was pretty spent, my cold has made it hard to push myself cardio wise so this felt tough. I did 2.01 miles in 20.30 added to the intervals this workout took just over an hour again.

Friday: I woke up and was as sore as I have been for a long long time. I need my protein powder back! (2 more days of juice rebooting to go!) My hips and butt are so so so sore, everything aches! Despite this I decided to go for cardio interval A and make the most of some dry weather to do it outdoors. I ran a 5 min slow warm up, then ran tempo for 2 mins, slower jog for 3 and repeated 6 times and cooled down with a 7 min jog. I did 4.14 in 42 mins and was pretty pleased after the illness of the last week or so.

Saturday: I was really sick today with horrendous cramps. I felt a bit better in the afternoon so decided to do 25 minutes of yoga as my cardio of choice day this week, alongside my plank a day.

Sunday: I was feeling a bit better this morning so headed back to the gym. I warmed up with 5 minutes of running and got stuck into strength workout C. This like workout A was a full body circuit workout focusing on the same controlled reps: 6 counts to contraction, 1 count hold and 2 counts to return to start. This makes the moves really challenging and I had to do the push-ups on my knees as I felt like my arms were going to fall off after one rep of taking 6 counts to lower! I did 5 minutes of running in between each strength circuit. It lasted around 50 minutes total including the 20 minutes of running.

Overall I have loved the first week, I feel like it’s the most I’ve pushed and challenged myself for in a while. It’s great to mix things up and keep the body challenged. I have certainly been a lot sorer this week than I have in a while. Looking forward to week 2 already!

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