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Benefits and drawbacks of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Posted Jan 31 2013 9:40am

The popularity of Ray Ban shades have been growing through the years. Why are they getting so popular? Are they well worth it? A quick online research reveals several sites advertising Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses in a variety of styles and a multitude of price points. You can purchase a pair for $180 or even $400. So what makes all of them so popular and do you know the reasons people spend much money on these shades?

Pros of Buying Ray Ban Shades

Elegant and lightweight. Among the best things about these shades is in the look and feel on your face. These sunglasses are incredibly comfortable and good searching.

Various styles: There are various Ray Ban sunglass styles and you will find them on a number of websites. There are a number of colors and styles. You will discover fun styles, elegant designs, and styles for the classy serious entrepreneur.

Warranties: The inexpensive knock offs won't provide you with a warranty. But the quality from the authentic Ray Ban sunglasses is actually guaranteed.

Great lenses: These types of sunglasses have excellent polarization as well as UV protection. The designer copy don't have this sort of lens protection.

Attractive: Probably the prevailing concern that that these sunglasses are extremely popular is since they're so attractive. They are thought glamorous and flamboyant. They're bold and striking. Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn put them on in pictures and films. Well, sometimes you'll think about Paris when you observe Ray Ban sunglasses. Some of today's celebrities that may be seen wearing these shades are Nicole Richie, Kanye Western, Maria Carey, Rihanna and much more.

Cons of Buying Replica Ray Bans Wayfarers Shades

Some of the criticisms equalized at these sunglasses have been in pricing. Why pay 2 to 3 hundred dollars for one pair when you are able get ones that look almost the same as the original for simply twenty dollars to about a hundred and twenty dollars? Obviously the standard differs. But are the authentic ones worth countless dollars more than which?

What is the quality of those sunglasses? Is it worth the cost? Some reviews on the web indicate some questions concerning the quality. But there are as many or even more that praise the quality from the Ray Ban sunglasses.

Fraud: Probably the biggest negative to purchasing these sunglasses is ensuring you are getting the genuine article. There are plenty associated with websites that advertise that they're copies and not originals, but you may still find those that will claim to become originals when they aren't.

In summary though there are some negatives, especially the concern of fraudulent copies, the good qualities far outweigh the negatives. If you want a set of quality, attractive and boldly styled glasses then you'll definitely want a pair associated with Fake Ray Bans Aviators sunglasses.

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