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At 40, I'm quoting Jessica Simpson

Posted Oct 27 2010 2:30pm
lovin' my lilac 'unhoodie'!
I celebrated my 40th birthday last week. The big landmark birthday, right?  Well, maybe after 19 (legal drinking age for most provinces in Canada), and I guess 21 if you're in the US... and, 30 is a big year too.  Really, I guess any start of a 'new decade' is somewhat of a big deal!

I find myself quoting Jessica Simpson now that I'm 40.  I know, scary, right?!!  I heard her in an interview about turning 30 and she said "I'm ready, I'd rather be a young looking 30-something than an old looking 20-something".  Indeed, that's how I'm rolling these days, I'm happier to be a young looking 40-something than an older looking 30-something! ;)

But, to be serious, it's odd, because I remember at 20 thinking that forty was "ancient", and now that I've actually reached forty, I feel anything but!   Sure, I have the odd day when I feel drained or pooped, but mostly that's because of how much I might have had to take on that particular day, or the day before.  No, most days I feel very vibrant, and with enough energy to start the day with some exercise, then get on with the day's activities and routines with the girls, not to mention errands, household chores, and any cooking and baking I have mapped out.  In fact, many days I feel better than I did when I was in my early twenties.  I have clear memories of days when I felt ancient in my 20-something body...  back in the good ol' dairy-days!

It is also somewhat of a relief to have reached this age, rather than have the anticipation of "becoming 40".  Anyone that is over forty, or approaching forty, knows that feeling because it is such a topic of conversation with family and friends.  You wonder if your self-image will somehow change with one birthday, just because you are in a new decade!  So, yeah, it's kinda' good to be here, rather than thinking about being here!

At forty, I am grateful to be living a healthy, vibrant life, and to have the love of my children, husband, family and friends. And, I had a fabulous time my loved ones on my bday, I shall fill you in!  First, though, must mention that hubby gave me a new lulu hoodie, which I mentioned on fb.  I call it an 'unhoodie' (lulu, why didn't you do the same)!?!  Most of you know their signature hoodies.  I have always liked them, but I'm not one for having a heavy hood behind my neck/shoulder.  Bothersome, and also if you want to throw a vest or something over top, the hood gets in the way!  Well, lulu has very recently released this new " cuddle-up jacket " (aka, unhoodie).  It has a bunchy, cozy collar instead of the hood, thumb-holes and a more tapered fit.  Hubby bought me the lilac color, and I love it, love it, love it!  The pic above doesn't show off the collar very well - the blurry photo to the right shows it better! Though lulu gear is pricey, if you get a few basic pieces, they will last you years.  I have pants and jackets that I've had 5+ years that are still in great shape.  He knows I'm always happy with a new lulu goodie. And, the girls treated me with handmade cards, two magazines (a real treat as I never buy them for myself), and some dark chocolate goodies.  Our 9 year old drew a picture of the Canucks symbol with a photo of me in the middle, writing "you're the same age as the Canucks, mom".  Uh-huh.  I don't follow hockey, but she plays hockey and so I try to go with the flow.  Our 5 1/2 yr old told me I was "the best mommy she's ever had", to which I replied "I'm glad to be ahead of the first couple of mommies".  hee.  And, of course, lil' babe, whose not so little anymore, gifted me with her sweet kisses and hugs, what could be better than that?

On to the celebrations!  One of my dear friends started planning with my husband months ago (smooches to you Vicki).  Eight of us (friends and my sis and bil) headed out for the evening.  First we had dinner at Nuba, at their new funky restaurant .  Here I am with hubby at Nuba.  It was dimly-light, I'm surprised my camera got a half-decent shot!  And, whoops, I didn't get any food pics... didn't even think about it once the food arrived, we just dove in!

After dinner we took in the Bite Me Improv show by the Vancouver TheatreSports League.  What a blast!  We had such a great laugh.  Hubby, however, mentioned it was my bday in advance, so I was called up on to the stage - eek!  I just got my butt up straight away and took what I was in for!  I was part of a skit where you have to move the actors' body parts as they work through a scene, you've probably seen/heard this type of skit.  Let's just say I channeled my deceased grandmother's (raunchy) spirit.  Okay, well, it wasn't that bad, but I did place the female actor's hands on her chest, and had another actor's hands on his ass.  Yes, Greta, you came through loud and proud... I hope you laughed as much as we did!

This is not one of my typical food posts, but I guess I just felt like sharing a little bit of what's been going on lately.  And, in short I want to say that I believe you can live vibrantly at any age, so let's embrace our age, whatever it might be, and enjoy living healthfully and compassionately.  That's a good prescription at any age! 
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