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Around the World Cooking

Posted Oct 01 2008 9:05pm
I guess I’ve just been plain ol’ hungry lately, cooking up whatever looks or sounds good to me. I did play with my new mandolin and yes, I did slice my pinky pretty good playing with baby carrots. All the while I kept saying, this is not smart, this is not smart. But I didn’t contaminate the food, and when the bleeding stopped, I kept on going. First I practiced on a cucumber and made a simple ribbon salad.

Then I made a carrot and peanut salad I had seen on a couple of blogs. I didn’t really like it. Maybe I was mad at my new toy.

This dish I totally loved. Red Beans and Peas from Japanese Vegetable Cooking. It has kidney beans, peas, and dried apricots, and is seasoned lightly with sugar and salt and served warm.

Dal Masala – I used a spice mix from a box I got at Gandhi Bazar. It just doesn’t compare with toasting my own blend of spices.

Chase dropped by hungry one night. I was already prepping to stirfry some bok choy, so we made a tofu stirfry to go with it.

I found baby baby bok choy at my Asian market and I have just gone nuts over them. I hope they’ll have them again sometime. Aren’t they just the cutest little things you ever did see?

Chase was kind enough at his birthday dinner to let me take a picture of his plate. He ordered veggie tacos – avocado, mushrooms, nopalitos, and veggie chorizo on red corn tortillas. Served with black beans and rice topped with bananas!

I ordered veggie enchiladas. I asked the waiter if the filling had cheese in it and he said no. For some reason our food took an hour to come out, and my plate arrived covered in cheese! I was scraping it off, starving, and the waiter saw me and said, “You didn’t want ANY cheese?” Why would I not want it IN my food, but want it ON my food? I know I’m weird with food sometime, but geez! He promised to fix it quickly and sure enough, I had a new plate with no cheese in 3 minutes – and it was free. I’m still wondering why it took an hour to get the first food, and only 3 minutes to get the next plate.

I finally took a small box of meat cookbooks to Half Price Books. They paid me $26 for them. I was only expecting $20, so I was pleased.

Here’s a couple of shots from the last day of my visit from my sister and nephews. These were taken while we were playing washers while our barbecue dinner was cooking.

Aunt Diann and her boys....

The family, except my mom, who's taking the picture....

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter holiday!
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