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Posted Aug 22 2012 6:46am

Query by pakk:
Are there vegetarian dishes in southern menu in Chattanooga, Savannah or Charleston?

I am going on a trip to Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee next month. I am interested in trying out southern meals. I am a vegetarian though. Do you know if there are any places that serve vegetarian dishes in Chattanooga, Savannah and Charleston, southern type?


Solution by krennao
Hmm I grew up in Savannah, Soul Meals, or southern meals, nicely I would just eat the veggies, they have.. Its like comparing the south to CA, not going to take place. Just some thing to do not forget, the south is still catching up, they hold on to allot of traditions down there. I am not saying there is not a location, but it will be hard to discover.

Answer by Franklin
Fried Okra (numerous restaurants are switching to vegatble oils_, beans of any varity, we enjoy our greens-kale, collards, mustard. Sweet potato pie-there are numerous varieties(They might include eggs) and lots of sauces and gravies to go over them. Also the complete country is accomadating vegetarians due to the fact there are many overall health advantages to that type of diet regime. If milk is okay Bleu Cheese from Clemson.

Answer by samantha b
I am a vegetarian going to college in Memphis…have only been right here a couple of months and have discovered the issues of being a vegetarian in the south. They really like thier BBQ and when the veggies are about the butter is integrated :) Try googling the city you are in and vegetarian restaurants, or just vegetarian. Thought the veghead communities are small in these areas they exist and attempt to assist each other and site visitors by means of thier sites.

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