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Are there foods I should be eating more of to reduce muscle mass loss?

Posted by vegancr

I seem to be losing muscle mass-am 71. Any foods that I should be adding to my vegan diet to counteract this?


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Protein!!!! Beans, nut butters, tempeh, tofu, etc.
Great to see that you are concerned about retaining muscle mass as it makes us look good as well as protects us from injury to our bones in a fall.

Protein..protein...protein! Getting enough protein (45-65 grams/day depending on your calorie intake) For vegans this means beans, tofu, tempeh, quinoa and lots of other foods that contain protein. Avoid the "protein powders" as they contain fractionated soy which is not healthy. (my "link button" is not working, but if you cut and paste this link , it will bring you to a wonderful 30 gram protein salad you could have for lunch.  )
But we can't talk about muscle mass without talking about strength training.  To build muscle you must put resistence on the muscle in the form of exercise.  Aerobic exercise (walking, biking, etc.) and weight training are important for muscle building.  Start slowly with 1 pound weights  and simple movements, and work your way up.  
Getting strong means getting healthy! 
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