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Posted Apr 12 2012 12:47pm

Question by XMen X:
Are folks who work in slaughter homes vegetarian or meat eaters?

Right after seeing all that blood and the killing of the animals, would not they select to be vegetarian? But why would a vegetarian operate in a slaugherhouse?


Reply by = ^_^ =
Most of them type of desensitize themselves to it. And no one really desires to operate in a slaughter residence, occasionally that is all there is even though. I have a vegetarian aunt that worked in a chicken plucking factory since that is all she could locate. It made her genuinely depressed, not only because she had to pull feathers off of dead chickens all day but they handled the employees like crap also.

Answer by Josh D
because the globe calls for cash, in order to get income you need a career (generally) and in this globe you dont always have the choice to be a pillow fluffer at the marriot, (to actually answer the query, i dont think if they concurred to work in a slaughterhouse they would thoughts seeing the gore)(therefore not turning them vegan or what ever)

Solution by cannotundo
I would guess omnivore, I when worked in a factory making buns and rolls for rapidly food restaurants, and I still consume mass created breads (trust me, it really is not as negative a comparison as you could believe)

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