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April showers bring May flowers.

Posted May 01 2011 11:51pm

Apparently groupon knew I needed some yoga in my life, so it had a crazy deal for bikram, 25 classes for $25. Of course I had to take them up on that. Lately when I’ve been running, my shoulder has been KILLING me. I think it may be because I’m super tense in my shoulders and neck, so I feel like some yoga will help fix that.
This morning I got up for an early yoga class, had a spectacular OIAJ, and then quickly hopped on a bus at 6:45AM. What-up early birds.

My usual combo+1 WCW jar with about 1tbsp. of yummy goodness+1/2 a cookie

I had my clipper card, and it had 3 bucks left on it. One way costs 2, so I figured I would just pay with cash on the way home, right? Wrong. I forgot my wallet and had to walk all the way home. It was 4.3 miles, had it been planned and I was wearing the right shoes (and maybe if I didn’t look like I was drowning in my own sweat), it would have been lovely. I was wearing rainbows and ended up getting 3 blisters. No bueno. I threaded them and that has helped with the pain, but they are still pretty annoying. My feet gotta be tip-top shape because TOMORROW I’M GETTING MY GARMIN! Or at least I better be. I paid extra for 2 day shipping and it has been 5. Sheesh, don’t these people know I’m inpatient?

On to other important things…….It’s Mayyyy!

Woah, April flew by! I can’t wait to see what May brings me but first lets check up on how I did in April.

April Goals:

1. Cut back on added sugar: Check! I’ve successfully cut out all added sugar to my diet!
2. Begin/Follow Training Plan: Half-Check. For the most part I’ve been sticking to the running part of my plan (not so much on the XTing though)
3. Practice the 4 agreements: I’m definitely struggling with this one, but I’m working on it.
4. Start swimming again: Half-Check. During the beginning of April, I was super good about swimming. Not so much lately.
5. Organize everything for new quarter. Check…..except now it’s messy again, haha.

I’m planning on making May and awesome month. I feel like April wasn’t my best, so I wanna make sure May is!

1.Run Bay to Breakers
2. Go to yoga 3 times a week
3. 2 new recipes a week
4. Work on blog structure
5. Complete personal styling shoot
6. Decorate Apartment!
7. Get 7 hrs of sleep every night
8. Work on seeing the silver lining
9. Practice Intuitive Eating
10. No coffee!

I’m feeling ambitious this month!

How was your April?

What will you be up to in May?

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