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Another Giveaway!

Posted Dec 11 2010 11:04am
Click here to enter:  Holiday gift guide – world’s best origami review and giveaway  Ends Dec 13! December 6th, 2010
Emmy Says "I was sent a book called World’s best origami for review. This book is a great gift idea for a broad range of people, anyone from tweens up through adults. When I was pitched for this book, I saw an image of the books cover, and gladly accepted. I expected the book to be about as thick as a magazine, so I was really surprised when the book showed up and was twice as thick as I was expecting. This book has so many awesome origami pieces that can be made!  There’s so many ideas, that even non-artistic people are likely to find a few projects in here that interest them. Who knew you could make a ring out of paper? Some ideas in the book are even educationally based and could be used in high school science classes, like a DNA strand. Some designs are very detailed, and would be really hard to make if using a small piece of paper. Others are much more basic and could be made by tweens. I think origami is neat, but my only real experience with it so far had been an origami calender I bought. It was suppose to be 365 different origami designs, one for each day of the year. However, almost every idea in the calender was an animal of some sort, and I quickly realized that almost all of the designs were extremely similar. The dogs, cats, fox, horse, etc were all almost identical. I was afraid that might be the case with this book, but it’s not at all. There is an animal section, but all of the animals are unique. However, the animal portion is just one small section of the book, there are several other sections like flowers, geometric, people, and my personal favorite – practical. I thought it was really neat that this book shows you how to make different styles of envelopes out of paper. How practical and neat!"
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