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Angel Hair Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic Gold

Posted Dec 14 2010 8:30am

Last night’s dinner was out of this world!!!


I was in the mood for asparagus and Micah was in the mood for squash.  So we did both – and I am so glad we did!  I just diced the butternut squash smaller than usual and placed the asparagus on top.  Topped both with some olive oil, s & p and we are good to go!  Roast in the oven for about 20-30 minutes until done.


Now for the main dish…..oh boy, this was goooooooood!!!!

What’s a food blogger to do when she didn’t get her menu planning done for the week?  Seek other bloggers for help, of course!  I sent out a tweet , and quickly received several great requests.  We were going to eat out at a local pizza place that had a great deal on pizzas (and vegan options too!), but then decided that extra $20 could go towards our adoptions (pre-applications, applications, pre-adoption workshop, homestudy – you name it!) .

I took my inspiration from a new blogger friend, Melissa from I Never Imagined .   She had a great recipe of Vegan Spaghetti with Mushrooms .

Angel Hair Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic Gold


1 lb. mushrooms, diced
1 small red onion, diced
1 TB. Garlic Gold w/ 1 TB. Garlic Gold Olive Oil
Angel Hair Spaghetti


1.  Sauté mushrooms and onions with Garlic Gold .


Note:  I am convinced this recipe would have turned out differently had I not used Garlic Gold!  Buy it now in my OpenSky shop !

Another Note:  I have not been focusing on my OpenSky shop lately – life has been crazy the past 6 weeks – this will change come January!  Expect great things!


2.  Once you have started to sauté the onions and mushrooms, cook your pasta!  I used this whole wheat with milled flax seed angel hair pasta – it was great!  You can also use other pastas of your choice.


3.  When the pasta is done, drain and serve.  Top with the mushroom, onion and garlic mixture. We had plenty of leftovers – perfect for lunch today!


I need to iron this particular backdrop!  8O  I need to find a better storage place for my fabric where I can lay them flat.


However, I am starting to feel more confident when using my lightbox !


The mushrooms were cooked perfectly!


And the squash…..oh, am I glad Micah had that suggestion!  It was perfect.

IMG_2313 IMG_2314

The squash paired with asparagus is a choice I would highly recommend.  Also thankful to have leftovers of these!


My omni husband added some grilled chicken to his dish.  He said is was quite scrumpteous!  :)

IMG_2317 IMG_2318 IMG_2319

Yesterday must have been my lucky day.  I had 2 packages come for me in the mail!


My good friend Katie sent me 2 Timbali   bags!  She belongs to a great organization called Missional Mamas .  I set up their website last month, and as a token of thanks I was sent these 2 bags.  I could think of so many wonderful uses for these!  You must go to their website and see how God used just a few average mom’s to bless women and orphans all around the world!

At a recent Christmas Open House, they raised over $7,000all of which will go to bless others.  They had another open house last weekend, because the first one was so well received (the figures aren’t in yet).  They have raised almost $29,000 since they have started selling the many products they do – from Timbali purses, to jewelry, to coffee, to t-shirts and MORE!  Read this post from one mama to see more details – you will be inspired!


Timbali bags have been wildly popular in this area!  They are made by women in Swaziland supporting orphans.  Swaziland is in Africa and has the highest AIDS ratio.  The average life span is under 35 – leaving many children without parents and suffering from HIV.


Pretty cool to have the bags signed by the women who made them!

My other package included a Garlic Gold Holiday Gift Box !  You can buy a gift set in my OpenSky store – the perfect gift for any foodie!  And, reasonably priced as well.


That’s all for now!  We will be heading to our connection group Christmas party tonight – white elephant gifts, here we come!  What is the craziest white elephant gift you have ever given or received?

Off to get things done for the day!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

P.S.  I’ve been reading this story for the past 3 days.  All three parts are now online.  I recommend reading the story AND watching the videos – but you may need an entire box of Kleenex.  Just sayin’.  It’s about a husband that dies in a plane crash, but left behind a video inspired by a dream he had a few months before the crash.  If you do read the story, tell me your thoughts!  I’ve been telling so many people about it – maybe it’s contagious?

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