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Amazing Source of Vitamins - Bee Pollen - Why bee products aren't vegan?!

Posted Aug 26 2011 12:02pm



I really don't get this : why bee products aren't vegan?! For me, becoming vegan was a decision based firstly on the desire to have a healthier life and in the second place came the ethical part of veganism.

In my opinion, consuming bee products is not harmful to the bees if you buy honey from local beekeepers and not from big companies. Local beekeepers do not use any methods that will harm the bees in the process of extracting honey and also don't feed them with sugar. I don't know if you had seen how honey is made. I had! There is nothing harmful if it's done right. Killing animals to obtain meat cannot be compared with smoking bee hives. This method does not harm the bees it only makes them believe that a fire has started nearby and so the bees leave the hive. It is your own decision if you consider bee products vegan or not, but my advice to you: don't exaggerate! There is a reason why bees produce more honey than they actually need.

Bees are amazing! I love everything about them. Honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, all these are heavenly gifts! Everyone has heard of honey and maybe royal jelly, but not so many know that pollen is also very nutritious and has really great healing properties. I don’t use pollen as often as I use honey, but once every 3 months I eat pollen daily for one week, in order to fill my body with vitamins and strengthen my immune system. In the following paragraphs I will tell you everything about the great benefits of eating pollen.

Why is pollen so great? Well, first of all, pollen is very rich in B complex vitamins and also contains an important amount of vitamin C. It also contains proteins, amino acids, hormones and other good substances with really complicated names. What you need to know is that when you have a vitamin B deficiency, pollen is the right treatment for you. It is best to take our necessary vitamins from food than from artificial sources like vitamin pills. This way our body assimilates more quickly.

Nutritionally speaking, pollen is a super-food. It is recommended in anorexia cases because it increases the appetite. This doesn’t mean that if you want to lose weight you cannot consume pollen. You just have to be careful on the quantity. Pollen also regulates digestive functions and even ameliorates depressions and insomnia.

It is recommended to consume pollen when passing through a rough time. It removes intellectual and physical fatigue and also helps us maintain an optimistic thinking.

If you have any hepatobiliary diseases pollen is the natural remedy for you. It is known that pollen helps dissolving gallstones and also improves liver functions.

The many uses of pollen don’t stop here! Pollen is extremely efficient in treating circulatory system diseases like phlebitis or varices and it also strengthens our hearts.

Pollen is highly recommended for diabetic persons because it increases our tolerance to glucose.
This wonderful natural remedy is also good for our skin. It maintains the collagen levels and accelerates the healing of wounds.

It is very important to slowly start to consume pollen, because it may cause some allergic reactions to sensible persons. You can test your sensibility by putting a few granules under your tongue.  Gradually, you can increase the dosage to 1-2 tsp a day, or more depending on each person’s metabolism. For a better absorption of all chemical compounds, the granules must be chewed, in order to crack open the cellular walls. You can mix pollen with honey or you can simply add it in juices or smoothies.

The daily dosage for adults is 1 tbs/day dissolved in liquid, taken 30 minutes before breakfast. For kids, you can start by giving them 3 granules a day, increasing the dosage up to1/2 tbs/day.

I really hope that you will treat yourself with nature given medicines before taking pills. Nature provides us with everything we need in order to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. Start eating correctly! Start exercising! And use natural remedies! You’ll see that you’ll feel much better. Just be patient and believe in nature’s amazing healing powers.

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