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Amanda’s Favorite Pizza

Posted Mar 21 2011 3:00pm

Friday evening, I was really in the mood for pizza (something that isn’t frequented in our house).  I picked out some ingredients I had on hand and then picked up a few things from the store.  This is my favorite homemade pizza!

*Side note* – I should have taken a picture of our refrigerator before we left for our trip!  I cleaned it out top to bottom and there were only about 5 things left by the time we left.  Woo-hoo for being creative with meals the last week!

Amanda’s Favorite Pizza


  • chopped frozen spinach
  • roasted red peppers
  • baby bella mushrooms
  • kalamata olives
  • local goat cheese
  • pizza sauce


These flavors work great together!


My favorite ingredients?

Roasted red peppers and kalamata olives!

IMG_3248 IMG_3251


1.  Prepare crust.

I was a bad person and bought some pre-made dough – mainly because I thought of dinner too late and didn’t want to wait for my own dough to rise.  Oh well – one time is not going to hurt I suppose.  I recommend using my friend Erin’s Perfect Pizza Crust .

2.  Top baked crust with toppings.


FYI:  I know I do mostly eat vegan, but when I do consume dairy I make sure it is from a sustainable source.  Goat cheese is also my favorite pizza cheese topping.  But, usually I use Daiya .


3.  Bake the pizza for 10 minutes.

While I baked  the pizza, I also made some {baked} sweet potato fries (wow…that post took me back!).  Along with a special sauce.  I bought this sauce quite a while back for very cheap (closeout sale).  I thought it would make the perfect dipping sauce with our sweet potato fries.


I blended this with a bit of organic sour cream until I got the heat and consistency I wanted.  I didn’t have fresh cilantro, but I think it would be a great addition.  I never use dried cilantro – I just don’t think it has any taste.  I can’t get enough of the fresh cilantro taste!

By the time I was done mixing up my sauce, our pizza was done!  I was excited to dig in!


My favorite pizza! And, very colorful!


Easy peasy Friday night dinner!


Micah and I cooked this meal together. Husbands and wives – cooking is much more fun when you make dinner together!  It gives us time to talk {and flirt} and at the end we get to enjoy a great meal together.  How often do you sit down and eat as a couple/family?  It’s one of our priorities in our house!

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