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All Natural Super Easy Chemical-Free Air Freshener DIY

Posted Apr 02 2012 10:11pm

I’ve recently had a little extra time to try some of the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest… FINALLY.  One of the easiest and best DIY’s I found was for a chemical-free air freshener.  Rico Suave and I have two kitties and we’ve been using Febreeze and plug in fresheners for the area where we keep their litter box since I’m really sensitive to its stink when I walk by.  But I despise the chemical smell and hate to think of what those products are releasing into the air that my hubby and kitties might be breathing.  So I tried this tutorial and after a week of using it, I set one up in every room of our house.  Here’s how!

Find a small glass container with a lid.  I used baby mason jars because I had some laying around and thought they were super cute, but an empty salsa jar or even baby food jar would be perfect.  Fill it about 1/4 full with baking soda, then add about ten drops of your favorite essential oil.  Using a hammer and nail, or a crafty husband and a steak knife, poke some holes in the lid and then replace it on the jar. That’s it!

I had a little set of oils left over from a wine tasting kit someone gave me so this project was actually free.  If you don’t want to spend any money on this, I’d try adding some extracts used for baking like Vanilla or Almond that most of us have on hand.  Not sure if it will work as well, but worth a try if you don’t have anywhere to get essential oils nearby.  I used Tea Tree oil for the litterbox and bathroom, Chamomile oil for our bedroom, and Bergamot oil for the freshener by the trash in the kitchen.  Once a week I walk by and give each jar a little shake to release more of the scent and mix in the baking soda that has absorbed the stinky particles.

Here is a great resource for a ton of different essential oils on line.

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