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Alien Fruit

Posted Jul 18 2010 9:16pm
In a galaxy far, far away, the affairs of our planet were closely watched by a greater intelligence. Across the gulf of space, intellects vast and unsympathetic regarded our planet enviously, slowly these creatures drew their plans against us. As a menacing creature comes to attack, we seek the help of Captain Zippy and Mr. Creepy, protectors of our planet and peacekeepers to the universe.

One of the perils of being a vegan or vegetarian is that the repertoire can get a bit monotonous – using the same fruits in veggies in various dishes. We get stuck in a routine of quinoa, broccoli and soy. In order to mix things up a bit, once a month we introduce a new fruit or veggie to the kiddos. Children, like adults, can be apprehensive when a new food is placed in front of them. Naturally they are concerned with the general apperence, taste and texture, this is why we try to make the introducions as entertaining as possible. Ruben and I have always been adventurous with our culinary delights. We’re hoping that, by introducing our kids to new and different foods, it will lead them to a lifetime of healthy, fearless eating.

Next time you’re wandering around the produce section of your local grocer, and a strange looking fruit catches your eye, don’t just run away from it, walk up to it, examine it, smell it. Don’t worry people won’t look at you strange, as a matter of fact, they might be just as curious and ask you if you know anything about the peculiar fruit your inspecting. I often check out the new fruit and ask the produce manager to tell me a bit about it, these guys are always willing to share their expertise. If you cant locate a manager, don’t be afraid to pull out your iPhone and Google this mysterious new fruit (or veggie). You’ll often find me in the middle of the produce section standing there, “googling”, The boys get a kick out of it too, they love to type in the name of the fruit and see what returns. Great way to keep them entertained as we shop – we found this magnificent fruit yesterday, the Blowfish Fruit, or Horned Melon.

Blowfish Fruit (a/k/a Horned Melon, Kiwano)

As you can see, we turned this sweet and fabulous fruit into an alien creature. All I did was attach a two paper discs and blueberries for eyes and pipe cleaners (inediable, of course) for arms. Toss on a few toothpick antenna and voila! a dinner time alien attack. I also served it with fresh kiwis and bananas.

This was an interesting fruit, to say the least, a bit difficult to eat and not very filling. Hey, not every new adventure is going to be assimilated into our diet, but it’s still good to experience something new.

Here’s a little info regarding the Blowfish Fruit:

The fruit tastes like a cross between a cucumber and a banana, although it has a kiwi like green center. Grown similarly to cucumbers and is ripe when the skin turns a bright orange.

Slice it horizontally or vertically, either way is fine, it all depends on how you want to serve it. You can cut the horns off if you like, some can be quite sharp. However, the boys didn’t mind them at all, safe for little fingers (under supervision).

Squeeze the fruit to extract the little green sacs and seeds, you can strain the fruit for its juice or simply suck up the sacs. The seeds are not toxic, you can eat them, some people prefer to discard the seeds after sucking the juice from the sac. These little guys take a long time to eat. I served these as the salad course, it keep the kids entertained while I prepared (and photographed) the remainder of the meal.

Discard, or even better, compost the skin and uneaten portion.

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