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A weirdo went to Prague

Posted Sep 08 2011 12:42pm


how´s your week so far? Are you looking forward to Friday? How do you like the post title? No, it is not a title of a new children fairy-tale. It is a title I could write on a book about this week :)

apples + cinnamon = love

On Monday I went to work only to find out they hadn´t been expecting me to come at all. They all thought I would come in October or in the middle of September at least. So I just said “Hi” and felt like some kind of a weirdo who was so desperate without her work that she went there even during her holiday :) It all was caused by some sort of misunderstanding between me and the school principal, but it was strange nonetheless :)

On Tuesday I went for a lunch with my roommate, because she´s leaving the country in a week – it was our “good-bye-lunch”. We went to my fave vegan restaurant and I had a spinach soup with tempeh and a Czech variation on ratatouille. It was good, but nothing to write homme about :)

My homemade "all-the-veggies-I-had-found-went-to-this-bowl" soup

On Wednesday my other roommate celebrated her birthday, so we had a small party. I didn´t enjoy it much, because there was a milk cream cake served and everyone gave me really ugly looks when I said I didn´t want a piece. Maybe they thought I was talking about “peace”, because that´s what they really didn´t give me.

My one and only favorite - fruit bowl full of grapes, strawberries, nectarines, almonds, plums, pears and I can´t remember what else :)

Today I attended a conference on school psychology and it was pretty boring and there was no food offered, so me and the principal of “my” school left early and she invited me to lunch in a quite fancy French restaurant. So you see, it was almost a necessity to say “yes” to that inviation :) I didn´ t take any pictures of my food, because I didn´t have my camera (I didn´t expect there would be anything worth a picture on the conference and the principal would be probably a bit confused by me taking pictures of food :) , so you have to believe me when I say I had the best pumpkin cream soup ever followed by more than amazing homemade raviolli stuffed with mushroom paste, “swimming” in a pine-nuts sauce and accompanied by a huge salad.

Could a spinach salad with crunchy carrots look any better?

So that´s it – my first week back in Prague and already so much fun :) ) Hope you have amazing Thursday and better weather than me, because the only thing I can think of now is this:

Fresh ginger-lemon tea. And there´s a cow on that mug!

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