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A vegan chef

Posted by Tamar F.

World famous chef Charlie Trotter has many restaurants, mostly based in Chicago. He even has a bread pudding recipe made with banana bread and white chocolate that I want to try. He was at the forefront of Chicago getting rid of fois gras in its restaurants.

He is a vegan. The one problem I have is that he's not really walking the walk, by still serving animal products. Further, there has to be quality control at restaurants and he's not tasting the meat. If I'm paying big bucks, I want to know that the non-vegan items are ship shape, too.

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Yum! That banana bread recipe sounds pretty yummy. I do find it a little odd that he serves non-vegan foods in his restaurants. I know he's probably catering to the many but would sales really drop that drastically if he went vegan only? As long as he has experienced and trusted chefs, though, I don't think it's an issue that he isn't tasting the meat.

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