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A MOCK SAD Spinach sidedish :OR: Simple Raw Spinach Salad with Celery Dressing made with NO Vinegar and NO Lemon Juice!

Posted Dec 20 2008 12:00am

This may have been the best salad I have made to date, even if it is really a side dish.

I use rosewater in the dressing. it is NOT RAW. Here is how to make your own rosewater. It is steam distilled.

Dressing ingredients:

The thin stems and leaves from the top of a bunch of celery, minced, about 2 tbs

2tbs olive oil
2 caps full or about two teaspoons rosewater (that link will take you to There is more of a history, useful facts, trivia about rose water there)
Black pepper and salt, to taste
Put all indgredients in a bowl large enough for all the salad and begin to crush them all. I used the back of a wooden spoon and just smash it up. Enough smashing to let all the juice out of the celery.

Spinach, 2 cups, or more
Carrot, 1/2 large
Onion, 2 tbs finely minced

I wanted something like traditional cooked spinach so I chopped the spinach into thin ribbons.
This is easy to do if you stack 8 or 10 leaves, fold them over and slice into about 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices. When they unfold you have nice ribbons.
I sliced the carrots on the diagonal with my mandolin slicer set on the thinnest. They were like paper.
Add spinach, carrots and onion to the bowl with the dressing, toss it real well and put a lid on it. I have commandeered the glass casserole that E has here and it is now my salad bowl. I love that it has a lid and that I can see what is in it.

Let sit for at least an hour so the oil can work on the veges. I served it at room temperature and it was delish. A real break from dressings based on lemon or vinegar. Very subtle flavors.

It was coupled with a nutmeatloaf cupcake that was made in layers; meatloaf, seed cheese, marinara, meatloaf, seed cheese, marinara and warmed in the dehydrator.
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