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A Good Laugh

Posted May 15 2009 12:31am
Another bowl of mynew favorite oats! Chocolate Pumpkin Oats. Seriously, it takes me forever to eat this bowl because it is so damn good. I love everything about it, you have to try this combo, it is to die for!

Midmorning snack: Broiled Grapefruit. Yep. I don't know where I heard the idea from but I drizzled some agave on top and broiled until bubbly. I really liked it warm but in the end I don't like the bitter taste it leaves in my mouth after. I guess I will either have to get used to the taste or give up. Oh well.
I wanted to make a light sandwich for lunch but with something new and exciting. I usedCeline's recipefor SeitanChorizo Crumbles and used half the recipe for my sandwich filling. Now I just ran out of cooking spray so I wasn't able to coat the pan (and my pan is known for sticking without spray) so it stuck a lot to the bottom. But that's okay because I got these delicious crispy bits in there when I scraped it off. I put it on an ezekiel bun spread w/ dijon and lettuce, and topped the seitan with some hot salsa. I had some baby carrots on the side and a teeny tiny apple that isn't pictured. This lunch was spicy, hot, and perfectly filling. Just what I needed today.
Weird picture huh? Are you wondering what happened? Well... it all started when I ran out of cooking spray. I usually use it in my non-stick bakeware but I thought since it's non-stick I should be good right? So anyway, I decided to have a lovely afternoon snack of Pumpkin Bread ( recipe from VeggieGirl, minus the sugar, carob, and caramels) and so I figured it would just pop out. I was wrong. After doing the knife check (which came out clean) I let it rest for about 5 minutes and then tried to invert it onto the cooling rack. I had to run a knife around the edges a little and then I felt it coming loose. Something dropped onto the rack but it turned out to be only the middle of the loaf!!! I started laughing so hard because there was only a loaf "shell" left in the pan perfectly intact. So I just took that out and placed the piece inside. Now I don't know if I undercooked it (it seemed fine to me) or if it was the pan but I will be trying this recipe again soon because from the slice that I had it was AMAZING!!! Even without the carob and caramels (which I didn't have) it deserves a HOLY YUM!
After my snack I went to the library and then Target because it was another nice day. I got home at exactly 5pm so I started making dinner right away. I made an Italian themedVeggie Bowl with broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, great northern beans, marinara, vegan parm, and Italian seasoning. While I was eating I read the new Shape magazine and enjoyed all the bold flavors tickling my tastebuds. For dessert I had 2 gingerbread cookies. I'm feeling really good about today's eats and much better than yesterday. I think it's because I exercised more today and that always gets me going. I get in such a bad mood if I don't exercise and it's not just because of my ed, my body just craves it.
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