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A day of food.. and blogging negativity/hate mail

Posted Apr 07 2011 10:23am
I don't post everything I eat on this blog, but I do post a lot more on my Facebook Page . I get a lot of emails about this subject. Some are very polite and friendly, while others are pretty damn rude! I think that's one thing that has shocked me the most is the amount of hate/rude emails I get. I know that when you blog, you put yourself out there, but it gets tiring to have so much negativity thrown my way on a daily basis.

I know I'm overweight and struggling, but it is not necessary to write and berate me for my food choices. What you see on this blog is just a glimpse of what I eat daily. I also make food for my children who are active young men. I posted a Gluten Free Banana Coconut Mini Cake the other day on facebook and got 10 nasty emails from different people trying "shame me".

Does it matter that I only took one bite of them?

Should I even have to justify that to anyone?

Give me a break! I know I'm overweight and I know WHY. It's not because I made a damn baked good. It's because I have an emotional response to things that have happened to me and being overweight is my protection. I'm working on it.


 It's a painfully slow process, but I'm doing the mental work to make changes and it's not easy.

I don't talk about my childhood here, but trust me, I have a lot to process and plow through and I'm doing it. My way of coping is just visible from the outside while many people hide their pain through cutting/alcohol drug abuse, starving. I overeat.

Which brings me to my next "issue". I stick to my budget MOST of the time. I have a huge stash of nutritional yeast, but no other bulk items. I don't include coffee in my budget anymore though. I consider FOOD as my budget. When I don't stick to my budget, I mention it or if I am given food , I mention it (Like my Birthday Almost Raw Key Lime Pie and my Holiday Meals /Desserts !)

Because I stick to my budget, I am not always able to re-test certain recipes  in a timely fashion. I have to plan very carefully to include expensive ingredients in my weekly budget of around $25. What you see is what you get here.. and sometimes, I'd rather splurge my entire $3.33 a day on Cherries and eat frozen soup for the rest of my meals! I hope that YOU can understand that.

I challenge any of you to eat for $3.33 a day!


 Do it!

 I'd love to see your strategies and what you come up with!

Finally, the Anti-Soy people, please just SHUT UP. Stop emailing me. You guys are nuts. There was a soy discussion my facebook a couple weeks ago and holy moly, some people have gone off the deep end.

Organic soy is part of my diet and always will be. It is not responsible for my weight gain. It is not going to hurt me. I don't give a BLEEP what Weston Price has to say about it.. OK?

Now that all of that is off my chest, I will give you a glimpse of what I ate yesterday. haha..

Breakfast: Hummus and Veggie Nori Rolls
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