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A Box of Treats and HUGE NEWS!

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:36pm
I ordered a box of treats from VeganEssentials. Why? Because Monday I’m getting Invisalign braces. (This is not the huge news, btw.) If you’ve followed my blog awhile, you know I’ve had dental issues. The issues are resolved, but have left my front teeth crooked and gappy, making me very self-conscious. I’m really excited to get Invisalign, but they are removable braces and you must remove them whenever you eat, or drink anything other than water, and then brush and floss and rinse before you put the braces back in. And obviously the braces won’t do their job if you take them out all the time to eat. So I decided to eat all the snacky type foods I can until d-day. I got:

Crumblz – chocolate peanut flavor. Yum! Tastes like Butterfinger candy bars. Kind of crispy, yet flaky. Handmade, all natural and gluten free. I would definitely buy these again.

Betty Lou’s Jumbo Bars – strawberry, blueberry, and apple flavors. These are made with barley flour and oats, so they are wheat free but not gluten free. I ordered these because LK Sisters went to work for Betty Lou’s. LK Sisters are twins who recently graduated with honors from Texas A&M and both got jobs with this Oregon company. I had the apple flavor today and it was very good.

Mrs. Mays Crunch – cashew and pumpkin flavors. Mrs. Mays makes the crunchy Trio bars I like so much. These aren’t quite as crunchy as the bars, but very good.

Donut Holes – these are actually for Chase. Unless I make donuts myself or order them, he would never be able to indulge in vegan donuts.

Chocoreale – I was feeling very left out that I couldn’t bake anything with this vegan nutella, so now I will happily be able to do so.

And now for the big huge news! Chase’s band finally got two gigs downtown!!!! The first show is tomorrow night, and I have my ticket.

His band is Gone From My Sight and he is the bass player. They have worked so hard and we’re all really nervous and excited about the first ever performance. If you want to check out GFMS, you can visit their website, Chase also has his own website with his own completely different style of music, which I really really love, at

Hooray for living in...

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