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5 Biggest Benefits of a Vegan Diet!

Posted Nov 15 2010 9:38pm

People are always asking me about my diet, “How can you go without meat?” “Where do you get your protein from?” “What do you mean you don’t eat pasta?” “don’t you feel tired and weak?” “You don’t want soda? What do you drink rum with?” Etc.

So in order to answer some of these questions, I will spend the rest of the month talking a bit more in depth about being vegan and the different types, the pros & cons, protein sources, what I’ve done wrong and I will start today by giving you what I feel are the 5 biggest benefits of a vegan diet!


: When all your meals are easy to digest and extract nutrients from, your system does not need to pump more blood into your stomach to do this process, which means that all the energy that you regularly require to digest is available to do other tasks like working, exercising, etc.

Ever feel sleepy or drowsy after a big meal? it means that your system is working extra hard to digest the food you just ate, you want to avoid that feeling? Eat more vegetables!

: When you eat food that has high alkaline levels it kills the acid in your cells and balances your PH levels in your blood. What does that mean? It means that eating veggies kills the acidity of alcohol, coffee, meat, dairy, etc. which in turn keep your system running at full potential which again means more energy for you.


Most nutritionist, dieticians, trainers, etc will tell you that if you want to lose weight you need to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. I’m sure that everyone knows this and everyone knows that veggies have very high nutritional value and are high in fiber. Here is the point, essentially you will eat lighter foods, you will have the energy to exercise because of them and with all that fiber it won’t hang out in your system too long so you’ll stay leaner…

In touch with how body functions

This is probably my favourite part as I’ve learned to listen to my body in a way which I never did before. I don’t really know how to explain this properly but let me try.

I really feel that I am in full control of how my body functions at all times. If I require energy for a task or exercise I know that the “super greens” like spirulina or wheat grass can give me a kick unlike any cup of coffee, if I want to go to sleep I’ll eat fattier foods like almonds and avocados, if I have a long meeting in the afternoon and I don’t want to pass out half way through I will have a salad with spicy dressing, etc. essentially depending on my task or my day I will eat accordingly and this way I will avoid being tired and will perform at an optimal level. I know it sounds like I psychoanalyze this too much and maybe I do, but I’m always prepared and I perform accordingly which ultimately benefits me.

I’ve also learned that that if I crave chocolate then a cinnamon tea will balance my insulin levels and kill the craving. I know that if I crave pizza an avocado will kill the craving. I imagine its hard for anyone to associate how an avocado fills the craving but if you try it, you will understand.


Wow, who would have thought that food that is so good for you could taste this good as well, seriously!.. There is this chef in California named Juliano, he’s got a book called “RAW the uncooked book” every recipe in there is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted and everything is , there is this other cat named Matt Amsden with a book called “RAWvolution” it’s all crazy good. My whole life I concentrated on cooking the meat and things to go with it, so my emphasis was always on the meat, the marinating, the BarB-Q, etc, however when I placed the emphasis on the salads, the soups, the veggie meat, it was like a brand new section of food that I never really put thought on and its awesome, for real.

Overall health

Think about it, if your engine digests the highest grade of fuel always, you will have the best performing machine. It’s how it works. You’ll rarely get sick; you’ll have really healthy skin, stronger heart, stronger bones, sharper focus, etc etc. I’ve talked about this many times, but I want to re-emphasize because I believe that if you try it you will feel the difference and will be overall happier as your mood will also improve… for real!

Don’t believe me? Ask Demi Moore or Angela Basset how they stay looking young. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that good genes and some doctors have helped these girls a bit  but I’m sure that their vegan diets have carried a lot of the weight.

Above all I’m not implying that everyone should become vegan, each and everyone of you knows what works for you, however I encourage you to try eating only veggies and fruits for at least one full day or maybe even a week. why not? see how you feel, challenge your system a bit. I guarantee that you will enjoy it and ultimately your body will thank you for it.

The Fittest Vegan

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