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Being vegan, I take personal accountability for making the world a better place by giving up meat, dairy products, eggs, and other animal-derived items. This simple choice has great consequences. Veganism saves animals from slaughterhouses, reduces pollution from factory farms, and preserves soybeans and grain–which would otherwise be fed to animals being raised for food.
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Sep 04 2010 by Veg Cookin
Two more books that I have found with some great recipes, "Supermarket Vegan" and Fresh and Fast Vegan". I love the convenience of a recipe when it's not only quick, but tastes good too!
Aug 20 2010 by Veg Cookin
I have read (well, still reading) a FABULOUS book entitled Vegan on the Cheap, by Robin Robertson. My goal with this cookbook is to try each and every recipe in it. Thus far, the recipes have been great! Both cheap and delicious, just the way I like them.