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My name is Vladimir Bestic and I live in Serbia, Belgrade. I am leading a small team of bloggers writing about various topics. I am also working search engine optimisation and social media marketing for different companies. If you need any of my service or interested in affiliation with my blog... Full Bio
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What Causes Eating Disorders – The Symptoms and the Types

Despite the general belief that body shape and weight are the main causes behind eating disorder, in reality, it isn’t. Though body shape and...

How to Deal With Anxiety During Pregnancy?

A woman is bound to get anxious during the period of pregnancy. She is carrying a life in her wombs and it is quite obvious to get nervous. That...

Symptoms of Depression in Teens

Teenage is a difficult phase of life, yet it is critical for laying the foundation of one’s career. Among the many possible conditions that can...

How is Down Syndrome Inherited?

Do you often wonder how is down syndrome inherited Well, this disease really has nothing to do with certain foods or drinks consumed during...

Treatment for Down Syndrome – a Continuous Process

Before we get into the details of treatment options for Down syndrome affected people, let’s make one thing clear first. Down syndrome cannot be...

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