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I am currently a fifth year medical student. I absolutely love everything involving health and fitness, and I will always be the first one to try a new sport.. well almost any. I once tried to waterski and nearly broke my foot on my way up .. so nope, definitely never doing that again^^ Right now... Full Bio
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Merry Xmas 2012!

Why hello there my friends :-D Long time no see!! I am very well aware of the fact that is was not a nice way to completely disappear from the...

Refuel after Exercise!

One thing I've really vowed to myself since getting back to the gym on a regular basis is that I ALWAYS take a snack to eat the minute I walk out...

What I Ate Wednesday #22

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!! Hey guys, long time no see read!!! Seems like my posts have become a rarity these days :( I am sorry, but I...

What I Ate Wednesday #21

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!! (last one in August..bohooo) August is almost over and September is right around the corner. The leaves are...

Start in the week with a smile & check out this movie trailer!

Hi there!! How are YOU starting into the new week on this Monday morning? With all the best intentions and a positive mindset I hope :) One of...

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