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You Are Here Letterpress Prints in Stock

[Update] Only 11 prints left! You Are Here 12” x 18” hand printed letterpress poster The You Are Here letterpress...

Nicholas Potash

Nicholas Potash is a Venice Beach, CA based jeweler who hand makes beautiful jewelry out of his home. He makes rings, necklaces,...

Rachel Kilback’s Pain

Guilt Dried   Bite   Struggling with chronic pain and illness for most of her life has educated and inspired...

Matryoshka Dolls

I thought it would be great to compare this version of an anatomical nesting doll, by Kim Hu , with the previous post of Jason...

Nesting Dolls

Jason Leveque , aka Stuntkid, is at it again. We previously posted  his “Anatomically Correct” series , with its ghostly women. He recently...

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