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Valerie O.

I am a SAHM to a 10 year old Boy who has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. This blog is about our journey through life with our gorgeous boy, my panto& stage experiences, family life and anything that catches my interest....A.K.A. rambling ruminations!! From the important stuff, to the frivolous and... Full Bio
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Orlando Fun: Theme Parks, 'Gators and Space Shuttles..... Oh No!

Oh yes! After many years of enjoying some very affordable and enjoyable Spanish holidays - half-board rocks - this year we swapped the...

The Little Girl........ and The Petition.

I cautiously opened the door to the classroom and gingerly I stepped inside, quite unsure of what was to greet me. And there they all were;...

The Fight for Supported Inclusion for Children with Special Education Needs .....

Successive Governments have encouraged the inclusion of Special Needs Children, where possible, in mainstream schools for many years now....

Dirty Old Town?

It was a weekend of differing activities; peace and relaxation for the parents with hikes, tents, and campfires for the boy. A lovely time was...

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