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ANYTOWN, Alabama
I love to write. I am a big fan of blogs about hearing loss especially hearing loss in children. Both of my kids are deaf and wear cochlear implants.
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Big Boy

In person, I know he still seems small for 13, but today at his annual appointment to see the CRS team consisting of a nutritionist, social...


Gman had an appointment today to check his height and weight because some of his medication suppresses his appetite. Well, at age 13.5...

A Blakely Update

Not a lot of posting from the Cochlear Kids as of late but we are in full swing here in Alabama public school. Gage has started the 8th grade and...

Her "New Ears" Audiogram

Her last audiogram in 2013 w/her Freedoms ...and you can see her Speech Reception was at 20 db...meaning she can hear speech softer than...

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