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Perth, Australia
Hi my name is Melinda. I am a qualified nutritional therapist with a membership with ATMS. I have worked in the health industry as a personal trainer, nutritionist/naturopath and recently started as a Colonic hydrotherapist in Perth WA. I LOVE FOOD!!! and creating a vibrant healthy body in my clients and friends gives me such joy.    
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Juicing green

Hi all, I am new to this site, thought it looked good. Well I have just finished a food shop at my local supermarket in Perth, western...

Fast food Advertising on TV. Why do we let them bombard our childrens heads!!!

I don't know about you, but whenever I am conciously trying to be healthy and remove food items from my life that I know are not giving me what I...

Detox and Juicing

Well, I woke up this morning after working a late shift last night, only to contend with the dieing of my 10year old juicing machine!!! I was...

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Why do we forget to drink WATER..... aaaaaahhhhh I see sooooooo many people day in day out that are just so dehydrated!!! Its not rocket science its just common sense. Come on guys 2ltrs a day a least is not hard and its free!!


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