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Unresolved Low Back Pain

Posted by Dr. Timothy Durnin Health Maven

This is the most common presentation to a physicians office and most commonly mis-diagnosed and improperly treated. I will be happy to help in any way I can since this is my specialty. Feel free to visit my website at  or  and even call me at 708-466-9994.I

I will be happy to help!

 Dr. Timothy K. Durnin

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All the suggestions are fantastic.  One thought to meditate you know you are really supported?  Back pain can be an indicator of the thought that you are not supported.  Before you even set your feet on the floor and as you close your eyes at night....go to a quiet place.....breathe and speak to yourself...I am loved, I release the past, I love and approve of myself.  Use the affirmation throughout the day.  Feel the strength each word gives you.  Namaste.


i have a question and maybe you can help.  i know someone who started with lower back pain and then recently had sudden body shaking and severe chills.  The shaking and chills started about three nights ago. When he had lower back pain (about a week ago) the pain would also travel throughout his whole body.  Any idea what this could be from?

Without knowing if he has a fever or other vital stats, I can only guess as an infection, osteomyelitis (a bone infection), in the spine or discitis, (infection in the discs), would be two things that need to be ruled out first. He needs to see a doctor immediately.


Dr. Tim

Great.  Thanks.  He didnt/doesnt have a fever during this whole episode.  He was sick a few weeks back with a cold/flu type thing.  he is 65.  how would an infection in the discs be treated?  How would a bone infection be treated?
I have a question that you may be able to answer.I was in a head on wreck and i got a comprecion fracture in the L2.They seem to think i will be better in 3 months and are not giving me much thought.I am a mother of 5 at 25yr old.My husband is having to take off work to take care of our children.I cant do any thing with out hurting.the one thing that they seem to not know what it is,is that when i bend alot in a day i feel like i have a rubberband flipping me hard in my back.Also if i kneel on the floor when i stand up i am shaking really bad in my legs.If you have any ideas about any thing i should do please let me know.

Thanks for the post Dr.Durnin- Chronic lower back pain is definitely  a big problem- it costs patients because it impacts their activities of daily living and also affects their ability to work. There are many options for treatment for chronic lower back pain- the February  09 Issue of Connecticut Magazine recently presented the differently treatment options available for chronic lower back pain- including PT, non surgical spinal decompression, pain management and others:

Jess111700- you may have to let this compression fracture heal before doing any other treatment. The Dr's may not want to do anything because they don't want to make your condition worse.

i have a central dis extrusion what does this mean
If you have unresolved lower back pain, the first thing that comes to mind is going and seeing a chiropractor. If you live in Santa Monica, I recommend going to Active Body Chiro Care inside the Equinox and ask for Doctor Anderson. Go to your local chiropractor and have him examine you and discuss treatment options.
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