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Understanding FAI (Hip Impingement)

Nashville, Tennessee
Femoralacetabular Impingement is a big word with little awareness, but many are suffering the pain and damage it causes physically, emotionally and financially. I hope this blog will serve as a place to gather and share information to help us find the answers and support we need.
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Full Circle

It's almost hard for me to remember now, how many nights over the last two years I have cried myself to sleep.  What chronic pain does to the mind...

3 Months Post-op: Icing on the Cake

The walls at Dr. Byrd's office and physical therapy area are covered in pictures & jerseys of atheletes, olympic medalists, dancers and...

Post Op Week 12: Full Range of Motion

I did not know this until yesterday, but a normal range of motion for the hip is 45 degrees, external & internal.  My ROM yesterday was 53...

Post-OP Week 11: Dancing in Heels!

This weekend I cleaned my house and hosted a dinner party with 5 families and something like 13 children...with NO pain...well hip related...

9 Weeks Post-Op: Thankful.

One thing I've noticed keeping this blog is that I post less often my hip is doing well.  Of course, that makes sense.  But at the same time I...

Goals (1)

Understanding FAI (Hip Impingement)'s Whiteboard

5 Weeks Post Op!!! 

Off the crutches, progressing to next level in Physical Therapy.

Focusing on Anti-Inflammatory foods to reduce pain & swelling.  Concentrating on following the mediterrranean style of eating, taking omega fish oil supplements, glucosamine chondroitin msm, and water walking & lap swim. 

4 pounds lost, 14 to go


Welcome to Hip Impingement FAI!  I hope you find what you are looking for, if not feel free to leave a comment on my blog: and I will get back to you.

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